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Central Library

Central Library is housed in a three floor complex constructed adjacent to the administrative block and in front of the A block. This library has various sections including stack section, separate reading sections for students and staff, periodical section, reference section, reprography section, computer landscapes and audio-visual lab.The library is computerized with Libsys Library management software & provides various computerized services and scientific browsing.

The Central library also manages 21 departmental libraries in terms of meeting their individual book requirements. These departmental libraries are housed in each department and have approximately 100 to 150 books for use by the faculty members of the concerned specialty.


The college library is the pivot around which all the academic activities of the college revolve. It is a vital area of the college, which cater the requirements of the academicians & students.


  • To provide a learning environment to the students and faculty
  • To provide reading material required for teaching and learning purpose for students as well as teaching community
  • To foster the research activities and inculcate the habit of scientific writing of their research work

Library collection

Book Journals CD/DVD Back Volumes Dissertations E-Database
12829 103
  • Foreign Journals - 38
  • Indian Journals - 65
432 878 471 Clinical Key E Medical Database

Library hours

  • Issuing of books: 10.00 a.m. to 6.00 p.m.(Monday to Friday)
  • 9.00 a.m to 1.00 p.m. (Saturday)
  • Reading section: 9.00 a.m. to 2.00 a.m (all working days)

Rules and Regulations

  • No person shall be admitted to the Library unless he/she is properly dressed.
  • Readers desiring to use the Library shall enter their names and addresses legibly in a register which is kept for the purpose. Such signature shall be taken as an acknowledgement that the person agrees to confirm to the rules of the Library.
  • Readers shall not write upon, damage or make any marks upon, any book, manuscript or map belonging to the Library.
  • Silence shall be strictly observed in the Library.
  • Readers shall be responsible for any damage or injury done to the books or other property, belonging to the Library and shall be required to replace such books (s) or property, damaged or injured or pay the value thereof. If one book of a set (Multiple Volume) or one issue of an Unbound volume is injured, the whole set shall be replaced.
  • While entering the Library all members are requested to deposit their belongings (over coats, rain coats, umbrellas, brief case, bags, Vanity bags, manila folders, note books and books, etc., not belonging to the Library ) with the counter staff. They may be collected while the member leaves the Library. On no account the library staff could be held responsible for any damage or loss to the property of the member while in temporary custody of the counter staff. The member should switch off their mobile phone and other electronic devices while entering into the Library.
  • Chairs and tables should not be disturbed from their position.
  • Users should avoid resting their feet on tables, chairs, shelves, window sills.
  • Books and bound volumes should be handled with great care. Please avoid keeping the volumes open on the table or putting with their faces down or inserting note books or pencils in between the pages and closing them.
  • Pages must not be folded to serve as book marks.
  • Loss of Borrower’s cards to be reported immediately in writing.
  • Change in Department, Status, Address etc. to be informed.
  • Documents should be handled with great care as they are costly and valuable, particularly loose issue of periodicals.
  • Should not mutilate documents.
  • Personal papers and non-library materials should not be left unattended on tables.
  • Members should follow all rules decided by the Library authority from time to time. And copy of the same will be made available to the members.
  • Library cards are not transferable.
  • Members are responsible for the books borrowed on their cards.
  • Faculty/Students should produce their Library card at the time of borrowing books.
  • Faculty/Students should return all books before getting the no dues certificate.
  • Library cards should be surrendered in the event of the student completing the course or leaving the College, for other members at the time of resignation/transfer.
  • Loss of card is to be intimated to the Officer-in-Charge, Library/Assistant Librarian immediately in writing.
  • Library staff should monitor discipline of members in the Library.
  • Entry into the Library is permitted with proper dress code.
  • Any misconduct or misbehavior to be brought to the notice of the disciplinary committee.
  • Do not use the computers to do: Playing Games, Playing music
  • Do not install or uninstall any program or service in any computer. This is only a Preserve of the Librarian.
  • If any device of the computer is not working, do not fix it kindly report at the Reference desk or to the IT person in charge.
  • You are allowed to use the computer for a time allocated by the librarian. If need
  • be you can be asked to give others opportunity to use the computers
  • Do not send jobs for printing, it is not allowed within the cyber. If necessary contact the Librarians.
  • Your valuable suggestions are always welcome.
  • Your co-operation in providing smooth and efficient Library service will be highly appreciated.

Services and Facilities

  • Open access system for selection of books
  • Reference service
  • Internet service
  • CD-Rom service
  • Xerox facilities
  • Audio visual facilities
  • Well equipped latest computer labs
  • A network of computer with 30 computers linked to the main server. These computers are equipped to provide internet browsing of educational sites for updating of knowledge, data bases such as Medline, Clinical Key E Database. These computers are networked so as to provide easy access to the E-medical journal sites.

Well equipped latest computer labs

A network of computer with 30 computers linked to the main server. These computers are equipped to provide internet browsing of educational sites for updating of knowledge, data bases such as Medline, Clinical Key E-Database and AIR. These computers are networked so as to provide easy access to the E-medical journal sites.

Hostel facilities & student counseling

Hostel facilities for postgraduate residents, interns, undergraduate students are available as per the requirement. There are separate hostel buildings for boys and girls located within the college campus. These hostels are having accommodation capacity of 468 for undergraduates, 75 for interns and 64 single seaters for residents. The hostels are under supervisory control of rector and two wardens to look after day to day administration under the overall control of Dean. All the hostel buildings are having facilities of recreation room, visitors room, kitchen & dining hall.

Hostel fee

  For Undergraduate Students For Intern Students¬†
Hostel Rent 3000 5000
Hostel Maintenance Charges 12000 12000

Residential accommodation

SMIMER has adequate residential accommodations for its staff. All the staff members requiring accommodation have been provided.