Publications from the department during last 3 years:

Sr. No. Research Publications
1. Blood pre- donation deferrals- A teaching hospital experience.
Ankita Shah, Paras Udhreja, Arunima Banerji, Yohan Gamit, Dharmendra Thakor ,National journal of medical and allied science,Volume 4
Issue 2,ISSN No. 2229-4074 ,Page No. 15-19, Year 2015
2. Female donor deferral due to anemia: -a retrospective study of 18 months in a teaching institute.
Paras Udhreja, Ankita Shah, Arunima Banerji, Yohan Gamit, Dharmendra Thakot ,Pathology and laboratory medicine, Volume 7(20) ISSN No.2229-4074.Page No.101-103,Year Dec 2015
3. Pathological Findings Heart Autopsy –A 18 Months Retrospective Study :-Paras Udhreja ,Neha Pandya, Trupti Patel, Arunima Banerji ,National journal of medical and allied science,Volume 4
Issue 1, ISSN No. 2393-9192 ,Page No. 8-13,Year2015
4. Histop athological pattern of endometrial sample in abnormal uterine bleeding
Kirti Modi ,Ashwini Shukla ,Neha Pandya, National Journal of Medical Sciences Volume 5(2),ISSN No.2250-1525,Page No
44-48,Year Dec 2016
5. Transfusion transmitted infections among voluntary blood donors of south Gujarat, india: a secondary data analysis:-Ankita Shah, Paras Udhreja, Abhay Kavishvar, Mohamedanas Patni,National journal of community medicine,Volume 7 Issue 8 ,ISSN No.677-680 Year Aug 2016
6. Study of prevalence of histopathological lesions in lung at autopsy:-Dr. Smita Jhaveri, Dr.Swati Dudhatra, National journal of medical research,Volume 7 Issue 4,ISSN No. 2249-4995 Year Oct- Dec 2017
7. Fine Needle Aspiration Cytology of Lymphnode in HIV Postitive Patients and its Correlation with CD4 Count:-Sudha Jain, Smita Jhaveri,  Ameekumari Patel, National journal of medical research
Volume 7 Issue 4,ISSN No. 2249-4995 ,Year Oct- Dec 2017