Publications from the department during last 3 years:

Sr. No. Research Publications:
1. Viterectomy successful in restoring eyesight-An interventional study in tertiary eye care hospital. NJMR Vol.5/Issue 2/April-June 2015
Dr.Dhaval Agrawal,Dr.Pratik Gheevala,Dr.Khushnood Sheikh,Dr.Manisha Shastri
2. Indications of Viterectomy in tertiary care hospital- NJCM/Vol.7/Issue 1/ Jan 2016
Dr.Dhaval Agrawal,Dr.Pratik Gheevala,Dr.Khushnood Sheikh,Dr.Manisha Shastri
3. Knowledge, attitude and practice regarding diabetic ocular complications among intern doctors at tertiary care- DJO;pISSN 0972-0200,2017;28;30-5; vol-28 (Jan-march 2018)
Dr.Ombir Singh,Dr.Manisha Shastri,dr.Khushnood Sheikh,Dr.Jignasha Bhabhor
4. Clinico epidemiological profiles of patients sustaining ocular trauma due to firecrackers during festive season of Diwali-?IJMRS/Vol-5,No.4,2017
Dr.Vasavi Joshi,Dr.Manisha Shastri,Dr.Khushnood Sheikh
5. Comparision of Efficacy of 0.1% tricholimus eye ointment and 0.05% cyclosporine eye drops in patients of Vernal Keratoconjunctivitis-Internal Journal of scientific research Vol.7/No.2(Feb-2018)
Dr.Tejal Paneria, Dr.Manisha Shastri
6. Pesudophakic macular oedema after uneventful SICS- International Journal of Research in Medical Scienece/Vol.5/No.12(December 2017)
Dr.Abhishek Ghelani, Dr.Khushnood Sheikh, Dr.Manisha Shastri,Dr.Abhishek Patel
7. Risk factors of branch retinal vein occlusion a study at tertiary care centre
Indian journal of clinical and experimental ophthalmology to be published in June 2018 (accepted)volume 4 ,issue 2,pissn :2395-1443
Dr.Khushnood Sheikh, Dr.Manisha Shastri, Dr.Ombir Singh